Kreg's Aviation Photography


Welcome to Kreg's Aviation Photography, my personal site where I showcase the photos of planes I have seen. I am based out of Alexandria, MN (KAXN) and hold my private pilot certificate. I think of myself more as a collector of aircraft photographs than a photographer. The main purpose of my photography is so I can personally document which aircraft I have seen over the years and where I've seen them at. I upload the photos to now as I have exceeded the bandwidth limit for my website on this host. With you can search for aircraft information (similar to the FAA website) and also view photos of the aircraft on the same page.

As said above, I photograph for my personal documentation and do not engage in selling any photographs. However, if you are interested in a photo and want a copy of it I am willing to email or mail you copies. Any further questions you can email me on the Contact Me page.

 Number of photos: 6,693 (as of 6/15/14)